Sojourner House is at the forefront of innovative educational and training programs. We believe that by educating youth, professionals, and the community, we can create a world that is free from domestic and sexual violence.

We provide training and education for various audiences, including:

  • Students of all ages
  • Education Professionals
  • Criminal Justice Professionals
  • Medical Professionals
  • Community Members
  • Victims and Survivors

We believe that domestic violence is a community concern; therefore, we engage our community members in interactive presentations that inform them about the dynamics of domestic and sexual violence, positive ways to support survivors of abuse, healthy relationship development, and how to prevent violence from occurring in our communities. 

We will work with you to develop a specialized training to fit your unique training needs. In order to provide comprehensive, meaningful, and specialized training programs, we do charge a nominal fee. However, if cost is a barrier, we are happy to work out other funding arrangements. Please contact Sarah DeCataldo, our Director of Operations, at 401-861-6191 or for more information or to schedule something for your group today.

Below are some training topics that we can offer. They are just a few examples of the many topics we can provide. We can also tailor our content for specific topics or populations as needed. 

The Dynamics of Domestic Violence 

The Dynamics of Sexual Assault 

Engaging in Healthy Relationships 

Teen Dating Violence

Teen Pregnancy Prevention

HIV, AIDS, and other STIs

Domestic Violence in the Latino Community 

Domestic Violence in the Immigrant and Refugee Communities

Immigration Relief for Victims of Crime

Working with the LGBTQ+ Population 

Providing Services to Individuals Who Identify as Trans*

Cultural Competency

Assessing Patients for Domestic and Sexual Violence

Empowering Victims

Financial Literacy for Victims of Domestic Violence

Psychoeducational Development Groups