Sojourner House’s newest program is the THEIA (Trafficking Housing Empowerment Immigration Advocacy) Project. A collaborative effort between Sojourner House and Project Weber/RENEW, the THEIA Project provides safe shelter and supportive services to victims of human trafficking.  THEIA Project clients have access to safe housing, basic needs, support groups, immigration advocacy, case management services, life-skills training, and trauma-informed supportive services.  THEIA Project clients develop personalized plans with a case manager outlining steps to help them to achieve safety and self-sufficiency.  All THEIA Project clients will have access to Sojourner House’s and Project Weber/RENEW’s full continuum of programs and services.  Case managers will also work with other community service providers in the state in order to meet all of the unique and diverse needs of THEIA Project’s clients.  The goals of THEIA Project are 1) to provide safe and supportive housing to victims of human trafficking, 2) to promote recovery and personal success for victims of human trafficking, and 3) to empower victims of human trafficking to achieve safety and self-sufficiency. THEIA Project’s location is kept confidential in order to protect the safety and privacy of the victims and clients we serve.