At Sojourner House, we recognize young people as whole people who experience trauma and healing in unique, real ways.  We accept parents with children in our Safe House and Transitional Housing apartments.  Sojourner House advocates provide referrals to a variety of community service providers who work especially with children.  Additionally, our Youth Advocate offers youth programs for enrichment, community building, and healing.

For a list of local counseling resources, please visit our Partner Organizations page.


Camp Eureka

Camp Eureka is a free summer camp for children who have witnessed domestic violence.  Each August, Sojourner House welcome approximately 40 children to Camp Eureka for a week of outdoor adventures, cooperative games, arts and crafts, team building activities, and new friendships.

Families with children who have accessed Sojourner House resources- such as shelter, advocacy, and support groups- are eligible to participate in this free program.  Past campers are welcomed back even if they are no longer receiving Sojourner House services. 

For an application, please visit the Sojourner House Drop-In Center.

Community Partner Moses Brown School

Since its founding by high school student Laura Marrin in 2005, Moses Brown has been a strong community partner, allowing for the camp’s continued success.  Camp Eureka includes daily bus service, snacks, off -site field trips and a culminating talent show and pizza party.  Sojourner House staff remain available to children and families throughout the camp experience.  

Special thanks to Anne Landis and Brooke Coleman, former faculty advisors, Ben Young, current advisor, and the scores of Moses Brown student leaders who have made an enormous impact as counselors. 

Why Summer Camp?

Due to the many social and economic barriers that domestic violence situations can create, Camp Eureka serves as the only accessible camp experience for most of the children who participate.   If you’re in a position to give, please consider making a donation to Camp Eureka so that more children can experience summer camp for 

the first time.  To make a donation to Camp Eureka, please call 401.861.6191 or visit Razoo to donate securely on-line.


Expressive Arts

Sojourner House's Youth Advocate offers weekly expressive arts workshops for youth residing in our Safe House and Transitional Housing apartments.  For more information on Expressive Arts, please contact  

Research has shown that:

  • Witnessing violence can be as traumatizing as being the direct victim
  • The child’s reaction to trauma is closely related to the parent’s ability to cope
  • There is no age at which a child is immune to trauma

Therefore, it is essential to educate parents and caregivers about meeting the needs of children who have witnessed abuse.

Domestic Violence affects children’s ability to:

  • Bond with their caregiver
  • Recognize & handle their emotions
  • Choose (control) their behavior
  • Have normal brain development
  • Learn
  • Think positively about themselves
  • Handle stress & illness

 This trauma may manifest as:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Somatic symptoms (physical aches & pains)
  • Increased separation anxiety
  • Increased anxiety
  • Increased withdrawal or apathy
  • Developmental regression
  • Repetitive talk or play about event
  • Thoughts, memories, worries interfere with life

The most commonly seen manifestation is increased aggression.

Children are also easily distracted, lose focus and have difficulty paying attention. For these reasons, children who have witnessed violence are sometimes misdiagnosed with ADHD.